Nature attractions in Singapore you must visit

Satisfied exploring modern attractions? Continue your vacation enjoying the green environment visiting 8 natural attractions in Singapore. Nature tourism is a form of activity that utilizes the potential of natural resources to gain physical to spiritual freshness. Nature always offers unparalleled charm, from the green expanse of trees, the blue of the sea, to the golden orange color of the sunset cannot be paid for with any luxury tours because the creator’s paintings are the most precious moments.

For those of you who are hungry for nature-themed holidays, you don’t need to go far to travel to New Zealand if in Singapore can provide your natural tourism needs with a myriad of interesting attractions. Many local tourists who often plan a vacation to Singapore attractions that soothe the eyes and mind. If you are interested we will give some recommendations on Singapore’s nature tourism as a supporter of your special holiday spending the best time with family, friends or couples.

Get away from the city crowd at The Southern Ridges

Looking for natural attractions in Singapore? The Southern Ridges can be your tourist destination when you are bored with the hustle and bustle of city density in Singapore. Nature is indeed the best place to calm the mind and soul, don’t miss the beauty of the Southern Island that you must capture with camera shots.

The best time to visit Southern Ridges is in the afternoon, besides being able to see the sunset you can also take a leisurely walk along the bridge that stretches for 10 kilometers with views of the tropical rain forest. A suitable place for climbers and nature lovers, right? You can cross the green hills through The Southern Ridges’ footpath and enjoy the natural beauty of Singapore on your way to evening.

The Green Corridor railroad

Merlion State has many free Singapore tourist spots, one of which is The Green Corridor, you can get a view like a widescreen movie along the 23 kilometer train track. This railroad connects from Tanjung Pagar to Woodlands, but in 2011 this place was no longer functioned as a means of transportation.

Now The Green Corridor is better known by tourists as a favorite destination for trekking and hiking, how? Interested in visiting? Along the way you will be spoiled with green views from the row of shady trees and soothing weeds. In addition this place also has a dog park that you can visit to get to know cute animals and local residents around the railroad tracks.

Portrait of the prettiest object from behind Bukit Batok Nature Park

Singapore’s diverse natural and cultural attractions continue to amaze the tourists, Bukit Batok Nature Park is one of the sequences of green tourism objects that you can visit. In this 39 hectare park you can do various fun activities such as light exercise or enjoy the beauty of nature. Initially this place was a mining area but was transformed by the government as a recreational park for local residents that can be accessed for more than 12 hours, even people with disabilities can enjoy the natural charm in Bukit Batok.

Bukit Batok was built in 1988 as a natural attraction that is still maintained its authenticity because you can still find various types of flora and fauna, even this place is rarely visited by photographers to capture the appearance of rare endemic birds such as gray eagles. Not only will your flocks of birds be reunited with other Bukit Batok residents ranging from monkeys, monitor lizards, squirrels, butterflies and fish. But remember to go to this area requires a fairly stable stamina because you have to travel for 1 to 2 hours and past the stairs and steep slopes.

Stale recreation at Punggol Park

Punggol Park is one of the famous buildings in Singapore that has complete facilities as a city recreation area, many local and foreign visitors flock to this park. They can satisfy themselves with a myriad of light activities such as cycling, jogging, especially for children also provided a playground arena. You don’t even need to go far to look for a place of fitness because Punggol Park also has a free fitness area to maintain your body fitness, and for Tai Chi fans can join with local residents.

The southern part of Punggol Park has a place called Active Zone, while the northern area is filled with views of artificial ponds. If you don’t want to sweat, then you can relax in the outdoor dining room located in the garden. (DO)

Get to know the types of flowers in the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens is a unique tourist attraction in Singapore designated as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites in the oldest park category. This tourist attraction occupies an area of 60 hectares which was built in 1859 by the Agri-Horticultural Society, before as now the Singapore Botanic Gardens was once a former plantation which was later converted into a beautiful park.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens has a collection of 60,000 orchid plants and flowers known as the National Orchid Garden. As the largest orchid garden in the world, this flower garden has been visited by many famous public figures, one of whom is Prince William and his wife Catherine Middleton. Aside from being a place to learn the types of flowers you can also relax, jog or walk around the tourist area which is not far from the city center if you look at the tourist map of Singapore.

You want culinary in Singapore, try this 5 typical foods

Singapore has become one of the attractive tourist destinations.

The night market in Singapore is not just one but there are several night markets that can be used as locations for night trips in this country of Singapore.

You want to know what night markets can be found in Singapore? Here is a night market – the night market!

1. China Town Night Market

China Town Night Market is a night market in the country of Singapore which is very crowded with visitors. At night visitors can buy various kinds of goods and services that are sold by visitors in this place.

There are about 200 more traders who crowded the China Town Night Market.

Mini night market location is on Pagoda Street, Singapore. Now you can just glide over there, bro.

2. Mustafa Center Night Market

The night market at Mustafa Center is a tourist location that is open 24 hours.

Location shopping and interesting streets of course presented in this place.

There are also many traveler who come to Singapore to enjoy the thrill of night walks in the Mustafa Center Night Market.

Mini night market location is at 145 Syed Alwi Road, Singapore. Now please visit it is guaranteed not to lose.

3. Bugis Street Night Market

This Night Market is located in the area of 3 New Bugis Street, Singapore, this is one of the lively night markets that will also be visitors.

Lots of tourists try nighttime sightseeing activities to enjoy the thrill of the night market on Bugis Street.

Many foreign tourists who try to adventure for just a night – a walk at the Bugis Street Night Market.

In the night market you can shop for souvenirs, clothes, and Singapore’s special foods.

Singapore’s special food menus

Singapore’s specialties such as Laksa Singapore, Chili Crab, Fried Carrot Cake, Hokkien Prawn Mee, Frog Porridge, Bak Kut Teh, Fish Soup, Fish Head Curry, Yong Tau Foo, and Ice Kachang are local menus for Singaporeans who deserve to be tasted .

The menus are very delicious.

Especially if we do activities like night walks, the cold air will disappear if we eat Laksa Singapore, Bak Kut Teh, Fish Soup, Yong Tau Foo, Frog Porridge, Hokkien Prawn Noodles, Chili Crab, and Fish Head Curry served. warmly as a menu booster our stomach when hungry during a night walk in the night market in the country of Singapore.

If you want the freshness needed by the body of Ice Peanut will feel very special where this ice dish is indeed a favorite at the night market – the night market in Singapore.

Tips for Shopping in Singapore to Not Be Disappointed

Singapore has indeed become a shopping paradise for Indonesian tourists. But not infrequently shopping in Singapore also ends up disappointed.

Well, so that shopping in Singapore does not get disappointed there are some things you need to know. Goods in Singapore might be cheaper if purchased in your country.

1. First Price Survey

Before buying, make sure you do a price survey. If you think the price is cheaper by buying in your country, you should undo your intention to shop in Singapore.

Conversely, if indeed the item only came out in Singapore, for example like the iPhone. Of course it will be very different. So, make sure before buying to find out the price first. If it’s cheaper and more profitable, then you can buy it.

2. Know the Items You Want to Buy

Some items in Singapore are not entirely authentic. Sometimes there are also some rogue elements. So as not to be fooled by a person like this, it’s good to first identify the characteristics of the original item or the original item that you want to buy.

For example, if you want to buy branded shoes, make sure you know the characteristics of authentic goods ranging from accessories to the authenticity of the material. Do not recognize the goods after buying. Identification before buying. If it is not as expected, leave the store immediately without needing to bid again.

3. Make sure you have an official guarantee

One of the difficulties of buying goods in Singapore is an official guarantee that cannot be claimed in Indonesia. For example, such as mobile phones and other electronic products. But, there are also international guarantees for certain brands and goods.

So, before buying, ask first whether the guarantee only applies in Singapore or applies internationally. Of course the warranty also greatly affects the price of the goods.

4. Ask the Tax

Some elements often play about the tax on electronic goods, especially mobile phones. So as not to be fooled when buying, especially if you use cash, make sure that the items you buy include tax paid.

If the items to be purchased do not include tax paid. Ask how much tax you have to pay.

You can get a Good and Services Tax (GST) refund if you purchase more than SIN $ 100 with a refund of 7%. Save your invoice or purchase receipt and store stamp to make a refund claim. If you don’t want to be bothered, make sure the items you buy have a tax free label.

You can get a tax refund when returning to Indonesia by taking care of it at the Changi Airport departure check-in area. So, make sure to set aside more spare time beforehand to take care of the refund. Oh yes, if you go home via Batam, you cannot claim a refund because it is only served at Changi Airport.

5. Bargaining As Long As

If you really intend to buy, you can bid at a reasonable price. For example, try lowering the price by about 60%, 50% and so on. If there is no agreement, immediately leave and find another store.

The key, do not rush to buy. Act as if you don’t really need the item. Indeed in the art of bargaining it takes a little psychological game too.

Well, if there is no intention to buy, do not try to try to fool around. Search for shopping in community areas such as Little India, Chinatown or Kampong Glam in Singapore. Especially if you want to hunt delicious chocolate and the price is friendly in the bag, never buy it at Changi Airport unless you happen to only be able to transit.

Tips for finding and choosing cheap hotels in Singapore

When on vacation, I was typical who was not too concerned with having to sleep in a luxury hotel or a budget hotel. But actually I prefer to sleep in a budget hotel because usually all day I will be very busy exploring here and there from morning to night.

After all, the hotel room was only put to sleep for a few hours, so why should I choose the expensive one? Especially if traveling solo, do not have a trailer or family, it seems more economical to choose a cheap hotel right? Yes the name is backpacker too, the budget is limited.

Btw don’t forget to also read tips for passing immigration in Singapore, so that your trip is calm and comfortable

Well, in the near future I want to plan a trip to Singapore again with my friends. If you travel in a foreign country, surely you must be smart to manage your budget, especially in Singapore, the exchange rate is expensive for Indonesians. We also don’t want to go home traveling from abroad and continue to go bankrupt right away?

Therefore, I and my friends prefer to sleep in hostels because it is much more efficient than sleeping in a hotel and also only boarded briefly to sleep. But if you are looking for a hostel in Singapore, the search engine will provide a lot of hostel choices and will make you confused yourself.

Some of the hostels that I recommend in Singapore are Footprints Backpacker Hostel in Little India, Travelers Loft in Lavender, Pine Hostel in Lavender, ABC Premium Hostel in Little India, G4 Station Backpackers Hostel in Rochor, Beds and Dreams Inn in Chinatown, Meadows Hostel in Lavender , Capsule Pod Boutique Hostel in Chinatown, 5footway Inn Project Bugis in Kampong Glam. All the hostels that I mentioned above have ratings above 8/10 from Trip Advisor. That means many backpackers are satisfied staying there and the service is good.

Well, I have tips for friends who want to choose hostels in Singapore. This is it :

  • Choose a strategic location. Because choosing that location is also very influential. For example, choose a shopping center or near a culinary center so you can walk to the inn. Can also look for lodging close to the MRT (Mass Rapid Transportation) Station. My advice is that it’s delicious to look for lodging around China Town, Kampong Glam, Geylang Little India. Around here it is also easy to find halal food for 1 SGD.
  • Pay attention to hotel reviews and ratings. This is also important because sometimes the room photos are good but the service is less comfortable. But actually in Singapore, almost all hostels are nice and comfortable because they really pay attention to service standards and also cleanliness.
  • Order from far away to be more efficient. What is clear, if you already have a plan to travel, order a hotel from far-away days. Thankfully there is now Traveloka so we can see a variety of hotel choices in the category you can choose, “Luxury”, “Budget” or “Promo”. Even now there is a new category of “Pay at Hotels” and also “Near MRT Stations” to search for hotels in Singapore. Ideally 1 month before departure, you should book to get a cheap price. It could also be goshow but it’s a bit risky to run out of rooms and the price will be a bit more expensive.
  • Use Traveloka’s “Best Price Watch” feature to help us find budget hotels and find out room price increases. It really helped me to compare prices from one hostel to another. Suppose there is an increase, we can immediately be notified of the price of Traveloka. Well, if for example we order from afar, this feature is very useful to see whether the price of the room we want to go down in price or even go up.

Kinds of tips for passing immigration in Singapore

Not a few origin travelers who are excited when going through Immigration in Singapore. Some are even not ready when exposed to random checking. Whereas if faced with calm, not a few also can easily waltz into Singapore even though it must be bombarded with a few questions first.

But generally these worries can disappear if you can prepare everything well. If you really have to be taken or herded into a special room, calm down and answer the questions of the officer with no apparent hesitation.

1. Show Flight Tickets

One of the easiest ways is to show a plane ticket home. It is important to print flight tickets in advance in hardcopy so that it will be easier to show when passing Immigration in Singapore.

Random checks are common when passing Immigration in Singapore. So, deal calmly while you already have proof of booking airplane tickets to get out of Singapore. The official usually only ensures that the tourists who come really have a clear destination when coming to Singapore.

2. Show Proof of a Hotel Booking

Another proof of strength that can be used as one reason for officers to release you easily when passing Immigration in Singapore is to show proof of hotel bookings.

When completing the Immigration form sheet, write down the hotel to be filled in with the address. If you come because you are invited by friends and relatives, you should also write down the full address of the house or apartment so that the officer believes that you do have a close relative in Singapore as a stopover.

Officers again usually just need proof and convince yourself that you really will not vagrancy while in Singapore.

3. Record the Address Obviously When Staying at a Home of Relatives

Never lie when dealing with immigration officers in Singapore. Better to say honestly your destination to Singapore just for a vacation.

If you are transiting in Singapore for more than six hours and want to try to leave the airport, you should fill in the Immigration form with the transit information accompanied by the next ticket.

4. Be calm and polite

Some travelers said that immigration officers in Singapore seemed unfriendly. So, don’t be too friendly and too close.

Be natural and calm through Immigration in Singapore. Walk slowly and carry things calmly.

Don’t forget to show the cash money that you brought from Indonesia. Some travelers even brought only $ 50 SGD and passed the examination even though they had to be shaken beforehand to be interviewed by officers.

What is clear, use good diplomacy when in the examination room and behave properly in front of the officer.