Don’t miss the night market in Singapore

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It was already late at night, it was above 9 pm. On the food stall, the snack is obviously gone. Finally it occurred to try to head towards the mall, but through a different side of the road, we usually pass. We have not yet arrived at the mall, we have seen food vendors, and we are very interested in buying there. This is not the usual food seller, but this is a food seller at the night market.

The Night Market, Singaporeans call it. Is there a night market in Singapore? That’s right, Singapore also has a night market, which has been around since the 1950s and 1960s. So not only Indonesia has a night market, in Singapore there is also a night market. This night market, always wandering from place to place. Just one or two weeks, this night market is located, then move to another place again, on and on like that. And coincidentally this night market is located near where we live, and will end on this week.

As the name suggests, the night market, The Singapore night market, will see the pulse of his life at night. The crowd will be felt at night, because indeed the sellers there start selling when it was late afternoon. And the location of the night market that is taking place in Bukit Batok right now, is indeed located alongside a road that is often passed by many people, ranging from workers, school children, and other citizens. So no doubt this factor is what makes the night market crowded during the night, because there are indeed many workers who come home from work stop by the night market, goods only briefly to buy food, fruits, or others. A variety of merchandise is offered in the night market, ranging from clothing, sandals, shoes, household items, children’s toys, cellphone protectors, food, fruits, and various home decorations which are certainly very unique and interesting.

Like Thursday night, the atmosphere of the night market had begun to quiet, because it was already above 9 pm. At that hour the traders have begun to close their wares. Only a few traders who still faithfully held merchandise. We chose to buy sausages. It costs $ S 2 for five food seeds. Whereas the sausage costs $ S 1 for small size, and $ S 1.5 for large size with cheese. Actually there are many choices of food on the night market, at affordable prices. In fact, it is not uncommon for foods like this to be found only in the night market, such as Japanese pizza, various fried (fried cuttlefish, fried prawn, fried chicken), twister potatoes, and many other foods, which certainly will make us addicted and hunting him down at the night market.

The next day, there was a three-day free movie show, so while watching a movie together, we took the time to go around the night market, which was located close to where the watch movie together. And of course during watching this free movie, we always pass the night market. So you can buy and try food at the same time the night market. In the following days, we tried to buy a variety of fried (fried cuttlefish), and buy Japanese pizza. The price of various fried ranges from $ S 3 – $ S 5. And there is something very interesting for me, ice, if I call it, because it makes it indeed spinning. This is very unique, and unfortunately we could not take pictures. The seller does not want to be photographed, and looks a little angry after someone has repeatedly taken the picture. The price of ice is fairly cheap, with a variety of flavours only for $ S 1. Cheap isn’t it ??

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And yesterday afternoon when passing the location of the night market, it seems like there are already many traders who don’t sell anymore, because indeed the night market will end soon, which is today. Many food vendors, clothing traders, who do not sell. Only a few sellers will close the night market. And fruit traders, with durian, rambutan and shamans, are still loyal to buyers, still selling. Twister potatoes traders, mobile phone covers, are also loyal to buyers. And the night market will be going around again, housed in a new location. One or two weeks later will move to another place, and at one time later it will be located at the current location.

Yes, that’s about the description of the night market in Singapore, called The Night Market. Just like the night market in Indonesia. If in Indonesia there is still or not the night market? Hopefully there is still and stay awake. Singapore alone is still a local culture to this day amidst of shopping places, of course I hope Indonesia also still maintains the existence of a night market like the one in Singapore.