Kinds of tips for passing immigration in Singapore

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Not a few origin travelers who are excited when going through Immigration in Singapore. Some are even not ready when exposed to random checking. Whereas if faced with calm, not a few also can easily waltz into Singapore even though it must be bombarded with a few questions first.

But generally these worries can disappear if you can prepare everything well. If you really have to be taken or herded into a special room, calm down and answer the questions of the officer with no apparent hesitation.

1. Show Flight Tickets

One of the easiest ways is to show a plane ticket home. It is important to print flight tickets in advance in hardcopy so that it will be easier to show when passing Immigration in Singapore.

Random checks are common when passing Immigration in Singapore. So, deal calmly while you already have proof of booking airplane tickets to get out of Singapore. The official usually only ensures that the tourists who come really have a clear destination when coming to Singapore.

2. Show Proof of a Hotel Booking

Another proof of strength that can be used as one reason for officers to release you easily when passing Immigration in Singapore is to show proof of hotel bookings.

When completing the Immigration form sheet, write down the hotel to be filled in with the address. If you come because you are invited by friends and relatives, you should also write down the full address of the house or apartment so that the officer believes that you do have a close relative in Singapore as a stopover.

Officers again usually just need proof and convince yourself that you really will not vagrancy while in Singapore.

3. Record the Address Obviously When Staying at a Home of Relatives

Never lie when dealing with immigration officers in Singapore. Better to say honestly your destination to Singapore just for a vacation.

If you are transiting in Singapore for more than six hours and want to try to leave the airport, you should fill in the Immigration form with the transit information accompanied by the next ticket.

4. Be calm and polite

Some travelers said that immigration officers in Singapore seemed unfriendly. So, don’t be too friendly and too close.

Be natural and calm through Immigration in Singapore. Walk slowly and carry things calmly.

Don’t forget to show the cash money that you brought from Indonesia. Some travelers even brought only $ 50 SGD and passed the examination even though they had to be shaken beforehand to be interviewed by officers.

What is clear, use good diplomacy when in the examination room and behave properly in front of the officer.