Tips for Shopping in Singapore to Not Be Disappointed

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Singapore has indeed become a shopping paradise for Indonesian tourists. But not infrequently shopping in Singapore also ends up disappointed.

Well, so that shopping in Singapore does not get disappointed there are some things you need to know. Goods in Singapore might be cheaper if purchased in your country.

1. First Price Survey

Before buying, make sure you do a price survey. If you think the price is cheaper by buying in your country, you should undo your intention to shop in Singapore.

Conversely, if indeed the item only came out in Singapore, for example like the iPhone. Of course it will be very different. So, make sure before buying to find out the price first. If it’s cheaper and more profitable, then you can buy it.

2. Know the Items You Want to Buy

Some items in Singapore are not entirely authentic. Sometimes there are also some rogue elements. So as not to be fooled by a person like this, it’s good to first identify the characteristics of the original item or the original item that you want to buy.

For example, if you want to buy branded shoes, make sure you know the characteristics of authentic goods ranging from accessories to the authenticity of the material. Do not recognize the goods after buying. Identification before buying. If it is not as expected, leave the store immediately without needing to bid again.

3. Make sure you have an official guarantee

One of the difficulties of buying goods in Singapore is an official guarantee that cannot be claimed in Indonesia. For example, such as mobile phones and other electronic products. But, there are also international guarantees for certain brands and goods.

So, before buying, ask first whether the guarantee only applies in Singapore or applies internationally. Of course the warranty also greatly affects the price of the goods.

4. Ask the Tax

Some elements often play about the tax on electronic goods, especially mobile phones. So as not to be fooled when buying, especially if you use cash, make sure that the items you buy include tax paid.

If the items to be purchased do not include tax paid. Ask how much tax you have to pay.

You can get a Good and Services Tax (GST) refund if you purchase more than SIN $ 100 with a refund of 7%. Save your invoice or purchase receipt and store stamp to make a refund claim. If you don’t want to be bothered, make sure the items you buy have a tax free label.

You can get a tax refund when returning to Indonesia by taking care of it at the Changi Airport departure check-in area. So, make sure to set aside more spare time beforehand to take care of the refund. Oh yes, if you go home via Batam, you cannot claim a refund because it is only served at Changi Airport.

5. Bargaining As Long As

If you really intend to buy, you can bid at a reasonable price. For example, try lowering the price by about 60%, 50% and so on. If there is no agreement, immediately leave and find another store.

The key, do not rush to buy. Act as if you don’t really need the item. Indeed in the art of bargaining it takes a little psychological game too.

Well, if there is no intention to buy, do not try to try to fool around. Search for shopping in community areas such as Little India, Chinatown or Kampong Glam in Singapore. Especially if you want to hunt delicious chocolate and the price is friendly in the bag, never buy it at Changi Airport unless you happen to only be able to transit.

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